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Posted By on March 19, 2011

I have Amanda Jean on my blog reader list. She is fantastic and makes such wonderful quilts. On Wednesday (I think) I read her blog entry and she had made a simply beautiful rag quilt. And this got me thinking. A year ago I started making a quilt so that my not-yet-crawling daughter could play on it instead of the hard floor. However, she grew up waaaaay before I finished the quilt and the squares that I cut for it lay unused.

A couple of days ago I fished them out. And have added considerably to them. I am going to make my own rag quilt. I have cut all the squares for the front and back. The front is going to be all patterned and the back is just going to be plain cream. It doesn’t need anything else, IMHO. I finished cutting all the squares today and couldn’t resist taking a photo of them all stacked up.

There are lots of different styles of squares, lots of funky fabric and just lots to smile about in that photo. It should be rather bright and cheery.

It has reminded me how much I love playing with fabric. I would simply love to create a spiderweb quilt at some point. I’ve had that link favourite-ed for years. Gorgeous. They are simply beautiful. Here is Amanda Jean’s version. Absolutely stunning. One day …

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